Horticulture Program

The SLI Brain Injury Horticulture Therapy Program provides survivors of brain injury opportunities to get their hands dirty and become gardeners.  The therapeutic practice of gardening has proven to have significant physical, social and cognitive benefits.  Horticulture therapy helps improve self-esteem, memory, cognitive abilites, task initiation, language skills and socialization.  In physical rehabilitation, horticulture therapy can help strengthen muscles and improve coordination, balance and endurance.  Horticulture therapy settings also help develop problem solving and direction following skills.

Check out our Old Farm Rockport Gardens and our 2016 Horticultural Program photo albums.

The program runs from mid-May through mid-September. The gardening program utilizes the Square Foot Gardening method for efficiency (small space with the highest output), and includes three opportunities to garden:

1) Guide: Assisted Gardening.

This program provides one-on-one assistance with a program "gardener" helping the participant "gardener" through seed selection, planting, maintenance and harvest.

2) Grow: Community Gardening.

For those individuals able to garden on their own but do not have access to space or an accessible garden, we provide 4x2 and 4x4 gardens.

3) Give: Nutrition/Production Gardening.

Some gardens at Old Farm Rockport provide nutritious foods for residents of SLI homes.  We donate any additional produce to local food pantries.

You can help support our horticultural program.  See Ways to Give.